Fitness Programs and Pricing

Free Consultation: 1 hour, Free of charge
Discuss your health history, your current health status, and your fitness goals. Try a mini-workout.


Strength Training I: 6 sessions, once or twice weekly, $70 per hour.

Learn the fundamentals of strength training, flexibility training, balance, and cardiovascular training. Learn exercises to reduce joint and muscle pain while gaining strength and flexibility.


Strength Training II: 6 sessions, once or twice weekly, $70 per hour.

Progress beyond the fundamentals to more complex and challenging strength training and balance exercises. Incorporate multi-muscle, multi-joint strength training exercises into your workout.


The Refresher: 4 sessions, once or twice weekly, $70 per hour.

Spice up your workout! Learn new strength training, flexibility, and balance exercises using free weights, the BOSU, bands, balance pads, medicine balls, the foam roller, and the stability ball. Shake up your cardio workout with interval and circuit training.