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What My Clients Are Saying

Marge (age 73)
Mindy’s Client for 3 Years

“If you are looking for a competent, organized, kind, intelligent and fun trainer, I strongly suggest you consider Mindy Landsman to help you make the most of your life. Mindy has worked with me for 2 ½ years and, without a doubt, has improved my quality of life. She has helped me enhance my everyday physical abilities, in addition to making my recovery from hip replacement surgery as seamless as possible. As the wife and daughter of physicians, I am very aware of how medical professionals approach their work and I consider a trainer to be a part of my medical team. In this area Mindy is exceptional: she is careful and thoughtful in her selection of the right exercises based on my ability, age and goals. If there is one word I would use to describe how I feel when I train with Mindy it would be safe. I know that she is doing the best she can for me all the time.”

Jodi (age 62)
Mindy’s Client for 11 Years

“Over the 11 years I’ve worked with Mindy, what I’ve gained most from her is the confidence to do as much as I can…and then a little bit more. She starts where you are and takes you step by step – with empathy, clarity, patience, creativity and humor – toward greater balance, strength and stamina. I had 2 surgeries within 6 months to repair and eventually replace a broken shoulder. With her thorough knowledge of human anatomy, extensive experience and adaptive flexibility, Mindy guided me through recovery, making sure the exercises I did strengthened my muscles without causing undue pain or stress on my body. I think Mindy truly works miracles.”

Martin (age 82)
Retired Business Owner
Mindy’s Client for 4 Years

“Since I started working with Mindy, my balance has improved and the core strengthening exercises have improved my daily life. She understands the muscular system of the human body, and, at every session, Mindy targets specific muscles and explains exactly what you’re doing. My doctors tell me that I’m a living example of all the benefits you get from exercising. My mind is sharp, my body is strong, and I enjoy an active life with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Go for it! You will feel considerably happier and feel good.

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